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New resident Brooks County, Texas

Three mayors of so-called sanctuary cities are demanding that the Feds pick up the tab for their misguided policies. It seems they can’t afford to support the flood of wetbacks that they say they welcome.

I could go on about how it sucks to be them. But I won’t. I’ll just hold up the Feds treatment of Brooks County, Texas as an example of Federal largess. At the links:

Brooks County has had to bear the cost of autopsies and internment of wetbacks found dead in the south Texas scrub brush, This at an average cost of $2000. The Feds have not ponied up one thin dime.

How Come? – PORAC Ponders

Maybe these mayors should investigate importing Jackalopes to control the wetback population. According to the Sheriff of Brooks County, Jackalopes are responsible for wetback deaths in his county.

The Feds need to hold with the policy they instituted in Brooks County. Free range wetbacks are no longer the responsibility of the Federal government.