Somebody Did Something

I ran across two reports of the same event. I know that they were the same event because the dates and locations coincide. After that all similarity ends. I suspect the Power Line post was spurred by the Yahoo report. Kinda mirrors the reports coming out of the middle east.

According to the yahoo report, Dakota Indian braves expressed their displeasure at the state of affairs in 1862. They mounted a protest. Federal and State authorities shut down the protest. The protesters were tried and 38 of them were executed. Oh, woe is me.

The Power Line post describes the nature of the protest. It took the form of gang rape on a massive scale, the torture of children and the death of 600 white settlers, mostly women and children. Initially, death sentences were handed down against many of the Indian participants who were caught in the uprising. Since they were tried by a military tribunal, Abraham Lincoln, as President, had the final say. He narrowed the criteria for the application of the death penalty. He approved the execution of those who actually participated in the rape torture and murder of innocents. This reduced the number condemned down to 38. All 38 were executed by hanging. Thirty-eight nooses on the gallows, no waiting. Rather than create thirty-eight trap doors the army rigged the gallows platform to drop leaving the condemned to swing.

To know history is to understand why liberals are not incensed by the current day antics of the goat fuckers in Gaza.

From the drawing, depicting the execution, this could be the first instance of a tailgate party.