Nomination For a Hero Badge

A missing pregnant woman and her boyfriend were found dead in a car. The car was parked in an apartment complex. They were three days dead when found. I’m guessing the stench and buzzards perched on the car were a tip off. But wait, it gets better.

Boyfriend had a history of domestic violence against her. The Soros tool Bexar County District attorney took care of that charge. Boyfriend was placed in a domestic violence program. I don’t know for sure but apparently it was a how to program. At any rate the terms of the probation were pretty strict. The Express News story details some of the terms.

The probation order in the family violence case, which was issued in June of 2023, allowed Guerra to have contact with Soto so long as it was not “harmful or injurious.” The probation order also forbade Guerra from possessing firearms.

San Antonio Express News

Boyfriend was allowed to contact his baby mama as long as: “it was not “harmful or injurious.” Yeah, good call. I thought it went without saying, harmful or injurious contact directed at another person is an offense in and of itself. In what universe does a prohibition against assault make sense as a condition for probation? Isn’t it implied? I guess this is the Bexar County version of “double secret probation.”

Let em go Joe, the District Attorney, was the second most surprised person when boyfriend failed to live up to the terms of the probation, right behind baby’s mama. Do I know that boyfriend is the perpetrator? No, according to Police Chief McManus, “Police are confused”. That happens a lot with McManus. It’s not so much a who dunnit as a how do we spin it that causes the confusion.

I guess it could have been a third party, but I kind of doubt it. Had somebody else been involved I suspect the bodies would have been found sooner. Bragging rights don’t you know?