Why the American Gun Culture is Important

The rules have changed.

I am not a hunter, for sporting purposes. Bambi holds no particular attraction for me. However, I did my share of hunting. My critters were marginally smarter than Bambi and they were capable of shooting back. Consequently, I spent a lot of time on the gun range. I was a shooter, then a coach, then a firearms instructor and range officer. Anybody who has hunted or spent time on the range knows there is one rule that is inviolate. Know your target. Seems like what holds for firearms ought to be true for fighter planes armed with missiles. Guess not.

American fighter planes have shot down a number of targets, during the past week. They have no idea what they were shooting at. Guess the pilots and decision makers never took a firearms safety course.


And just like that the reenactment of Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” begun.