Can This Relationship Be Saved?

I have a couple of friends who have made a hobby out of collecting Civil War artifacts. In fact, one of them has turned it into a business. He regularly buys and sells artifacts. As a dealer, he is confronted with a common problem. Husbands have to hide their acquisitions to avoid the ire of their wives.

How many husbands must resort to subterfuge to enjoy a hobby that gives them pleasure. Think of the hoops husbands must jump through in order to get in a round of golf, a day fishing or a trip to the deer lease. Add to the list this guy.

The woman who made the complaint said that none of the models resembled her. Sounds pretty self-centered to me. If he was a fisherman and brought home a dead carp, would she complain that the fish bore no resemblance to her?

I think it is short sighted of wives. Did they ever stop to consider that while hubby is engaged in his innocent hobby, he isn’t bothering them?

I’m not condemning all women. I’m reminded of an exchange between a professor and student. The class was a study of human sexuality. The professor threw out the question, “Do you know what your asshole is doing while you are having an orgasm? One coed responded, “Probably teeing off on the seventh hole.”