Scratch a Liberal, Find a Fascist

I have always suspected that characterization of Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s Black Shirts as right wing was a propaganda ploy on the part of FDR and the MSM at the time. The “isms” back then Communism, Russia, and fascism, represented by Italy and Germany, were all variations on the same theme. Once Hitler invaded Russia and Russia became an ally, FDR needed to draw a distinction between the isms. Overnight Hitler and Mussolini became “right wing” dictators while Stalin became another hero in the fight against the two. It worked. Two words are more efficient than the pages it would require explaining why one dictator was good and the others bad. The American public bought it.

Listen to liberals talk about genocide. Hitler and Mussolini are at the top of the hit parade. A place they should rightly occupy. But what about Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot? Combined they make Hitler seem like an underachiever. In the liberal mind the United States ranks higher on the genocide list than those three.

The article makes a point that the only difference between the communists and the Nazis was methodology.

There is no rational way to ascribe fascism to the right other than deflection. The Nazis were the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, it’s right there in their name. Look up Hitler implemented from a policy perspective and you’ll find a lot of socialism. He was very much a supporter of collectivism, he simply excluded people he hated or needed as scapegoats.

Derek Hunter, Front Page

Before they were against them, they were for the. The New York Times was an enthusiastic supporter Margret Sanger and her views on eugenics. Sanger once referred to people she found undesirable to be “human weeds.” She was also a guest speaker at KKK rallies. Here’s a couple of quotes from FDR about Mussolini.

Roosevelt himself once called Mussolini “admirable,” adding that he was “deeply impressed by what he has accomplished.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt,

Even FDR’s sycophants got in on the act.

“It’s the cleanest, neatest, most efficiently operating piece of social machinery I’ve ever seen. It makes me envious,”

FDR adviser Rexford Guy Tugwell 

Here’s a quote that liberals want to keep buried. W.E.B. DuBois the cofounder of the NAACP endorsed Hitler in 1937.

Hitler’s dictatorship had been “absolutely necessary to get the state in order.” In 1937, DuBois stated: “there is today, in some respects, more democracy in Germany than there has been in years past.”

NAACP co-founder W. E. B. DuBois 

Liberals often wrong, never uncertain.