The Horror!

In Lockhart, Texas, a teacher was arrested for improper contact with a 17-year-old student. Lockhart is better known for great Texas Barbeque. It was the last location in Texas where a condemned inmate was executed. This case is unusual in that there is a role reversal at play. No, not the female being the aggressor. Instead, the victim is seventeen and is fully capable of consenting to sexual congress. She, as a teacher is not capable of consent because he is a student under her care. Here is a picture of the teacher.

The Horror!
I agree that society has a vested interest in protecting our children from sexual predators whatever their sex. But there is something about this case that just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe it is a generational thing. Let’s go to the criminal complaint that describes the victimization of this young man. Understand criminal complaints are rather terse.
We find that the defendant touched the victim’s genitals. Texas law describes a variety of sexual acts, and I would expect that if oral sex or intercourse were involved the complaint would say so. According to the complaint, while she was fondling him, he was touching her breasts.
Sounds like a hopeful outcome on a Saturday night for any seventeen year old boy.
Advocates for the victimization of this young man will point out that he made an outcry. I have provided the definition here:
  1. an exclamation or shout.
    “an outcry of spontaneous passion.”
    • a strong expression of public disapproval or anger.
      “the public outcry over the bombing

People who know seventeen-year-old boys may substitute a different term, brag. I have supplied the definition here:



  1. 1.
    say in a boastful manner.
    ““I found them,” she bragged.”
  1. 1.
    a gambling card game that is a simplified form of poker.
  2. 2.
    a boastful statement; an act of talking boastfully.


  1. 1.
    excellent; first-rate.
    “that was my brag heifer.”

So to sum the incident up in a manner that most are liable to understand. This seventeen-year-old guy hooked up with this hot older chick, and he got to make sounds like a motorboat between her tits while she gave him a slow handjob.

Seventeen, male, hot chick, big boobs, second base and slow handjob; outcry or brag?