When you’ve Lost Bob Woodward You know things are Tough

Woodward’s analysis is what I’ve been saying all along. Woodward says in the article that only a limited number of people can authorize the disclosure. He is probably right, but since a search warrant is involved the decision to disclose may be limited to the court. Woodward-Obama-officials-possibly-facing-criminal-charges.

The controversy is not about the content of the intercept. There is no reason to argue whether the conversation was secret or not. The violation is that the people that did the talking on the Title III. Were subsequently identified and exposed, without authorization, that is the violation. You know exactly like Valerie Plame. Didn’t somebody go to jail for that?

As much as I’ like to see everybody in the Obama administration tried and then taken out and hanged for treason, it will never happen. I bet everybody associated with Obama is walking around with an eleventh-hour preemptive blanket pardon in their back pocket.

Keep January 20, 2017, in mind. Obama had the ability and authority to issue pardons to people for crimes that were unknown to authorities. President Ford Pardoned Richard Nixon, however at the time of the pardon Nixon had not been charged. Anybody in the Obama administration with a(theoretical pardon) is bulletproof, and immune to prosecution for crimes that occurred before January 20, 2017). However, offenses that continued after January 20, 2017 (conspiracy, obstruction of justice, lying to the FBI, misprision of a felony) would render the pardon moot.

I can’t wait to see the Democrats squirm while they try to explain that it is traditional for a President to Issue blanket pardons to his staff upon leaving office. What was that phrase these clowns used coming in; “Most transparent administration ever.”