Good Shit!

MSM reporter attacks twitter used for quoting unnamed sources by quoting his own unnamed sources. Why not? It’s simpler than doing research. A Twitter user recounted a story told to her. Dogs in San Francisco were getting high from eating drug residue in people shit.

It took me thirty seconds to find these references to the dogs getting high theme.

Then there is the map.

Exhibit A, San Franciso turd map.

There is another irony here. During the time I was assigned to a narcotics task force, I participated in hundreds of “buy bust” operations. A buy bust happens when the undercover officer meets with a crook, in order to purchase drugs. Usually, the undercover is wired. That is, the conversation is transmitted to covering officers. When the transaction is complete the undercover utters a trigger phrase, or word. Traditionally, our phrase was, “It looks like good shit!” At that point the cover officers converge and effect the arrest.

On one occasion the undercover officer met a crook in his apartment. He gave the bust signal, “looks like good shit!” and it was off to the races for the cover team. There was one problem. We were all sitting in the parking lot. When the signal was given, we had to exit our g-rides run past one building, cross a courtyard, climb a set of stairs and then down a breezeway. The recording of the transaction revealed that the undercover said the bust signal six times during that transit in both English and Spanish. After about the third time the crook excused himself and went into the bedroom. We found him standing in the closet with his hands up. He said that after the third rendition of, it looks like good shit he figured he was in trouble.