Compare and Contrast

A he/she is trying to qualify for the LPGA tour. Hailey Davidson was unable to qualify for the PGA tour. You know the old saying, ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’ Get a pair of store-bought tits and claim to be a woman. Compare and contrast, Paige Spiranac a winner on the LPGA tour and then there is Hailey Davidson.

Just looking at their pictures, one thing immediately jumps to mind. Paige’s hemline is higher than Davidson’s. Could it be that Davidson’s longer skirt is to prevent her balls from hanging below the hemline?

According to his biographical information Davidson is from Scotland, but now lives in the United States. Apparently, Davidson has forgotten his Scottish heritage. There was a time when Scots didn’t worry about balls hanging below one’s hemline. Course back then, men were men, not men masquerading as women.