FBI Culture

The news, these days, is filled with stories of FBI malfeasance. The first line of defense that a law enforcement agency uses to explain the misdeeds of their members is absent. The “one bad apple” line has not put in an appearance. For those unfamiliar with it, the narrative goes something like this. “The actions of agent (fill in the blank) in no way represents the values of the agency. Occasionally, an individual fails in his responsibility and betrays his oath of office. Nope, not there. Why not?

Howie Carr a Boston based columnist comes close to providing the explanation. Rogue FBI agents, aren’t. They are the product of the culture in which they thrived. John “Zip” Connolly acted as he was trained. His only fuck up from the FBI standpoint, is that he got caught.

The torch has been passed. It is no longer about organized crime. Instead, the FBI is focused on political intrigue. Times have changed. J Edgar used massive dossiers and a quiet word to get what he wanted. Today’s FBI is into direct action. This is only possible because the MSM is a willing participant, rather than a watchdog.