They Walk Among Us

Nashville PD cures shooter’s mental health issues.

A wacko twisted off and went on a shooting rampage and killed six people in Nashville. As wackos are wont to do, she left behind a “manifesto.” Typically, the MSM has a field day publishing these deranged writings. Not in this case.

There are several good reasons for not publishing the rantings of the not so dearly departed. First of all, the shooter does not fit the narrative. Try as they might, there is just no way to make the shooter out as a right-wing racist zealot. She decided to become he, not the stuff of right-wing dreams. The MSM media went into overdrive, maybe she wasn’t an officially declared he. Did “Good Housekeeping” expand their seal of approval when I wasn’t looking? Wait, I know, I know! He, she, it was just as much a victim as the people he, she or it killed. As long as the FBI can hide the rantings of this loser, that will work.

The problem is the sheer volume of the writings. While details are scarce opinions have slipped out. Apparently, the writings are incredibly detailed. They present a coherent if not deeply disturbed plan showing that the shooting was not a spur of the moment thing. I am basing this judgment on the quote by a member of city government.

Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston said that the chilling level of detail in the plan was being used as justification to withhold it, saying “That document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous.”

Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston

Johnston could have a point. A raving lunatic, Adolph Hitler, wrote “Mein Kampf.” Look how well that turned out.

Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, ran around for years blowing shit up. The New York Times didn’t have a problem printing his manifesto. Here it is: Kaczynski – Unabomber Manifesto.pdf (

I think eventually her rantings will become public. It might not be officially, but some clerk at the FBI will release the file (out the back door). What’s the difference between a Micky D’s hamburger flipper and an FBI clerk. Prestige, the Micky D’s hamburger flipper has it and the FBI clerk wants it.

When it the truth comes out several things will become obvious. The shooter was crazier than a shit house rat and it was obvious to any that cared to look. Left-wing loonies are every bit as hateful as their right-wing brethren. ATF regulations and laws banning wackos from purchasing firearms don’t work. We don’t need more gun control; we need effective wacko control. There’s something to be said for Bedlam. Gender dysmorphia is truly a mental illness and those suffering from it represent a clear and present danger to themselves and others. This last item will not become apparent as long as mental health practitioners need money to pay for their cocaine and Cadillac habit.

People tend to equate crazy and insane as one and the same. It is not. Insanity is a legal term and refers to one’s ability to distinguish between right from wrong. Therefore, it is possible to be crazy but sane. Don’t believe me? Talk to a liberal.