Congress at Work

Saw the photo but didn’t bother reading the story. Best I can tell the male congress critter and female staffer in the background are demonstrating new camouflage patterns. The new patterns are especially suited for deployment in house to house fighting in fly over country. The jacket is designed to mimic patterns found in living room sofas. The staffer demonstrates her ability to merge with drapes, window treatments and wall paper.

Congress critter and staffer debut new urban camouflage patterns.

The garments have brought Celanese Fortel fabric back into vogue. Said Mortimer Johnson, a spokesman for the manufacturer of the fabric, “This revival is wonderful. Celanese Fortrel will reassume its rightful place in commerce. It will no longer be associated in stories about criminals such as: “Celanese Fortrel Johnson, 17, was booked into jail after committing a drive-by shooting…”