Nomination For a Hero Badge

A police Chief in Maine arrested a crook and transported him to the county jail. Once there the crook stole the police car he was riding in. He was subsequently stopped and surrounded by at least five other police cars from multiple agencies. What’s a crook to do? It’s obvious… steal another police car. Cops shot up that police car and recaptured the crook.

The Sheriff attempted to reassure the public in the following statement:

Oxford County Sheriff Christopher Wainwright reported that law enforcement officers shot and subsequently arrested the suspect. Wainwright assured the public that there were no further safety concerns. “There are no safety concerns for the public,”

Oxford County Sheriff Christopher Wainwright

I can think of several concerns I might have, none of which involve the crooks.

It seems apparent that the Sheriff is ironically challenged. Word is George Orwell is spinning in his grave.

Except in Maine. There is a reason residents of Maine are called Maniacs.