The Revolution Will Not Be Catered

In 1971 Gil Scott-Heron came out with “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. It didn’t get any Top 40 airplay. I liked it back then and I still do. However, his radical sheik message lost something with the passing of time. Gil Scott-Heron has been dead for over a decade. It was up to a new generation to come up with a poet to describe the current day plight of Hamas and their nazi sympathizers. You know, liberals.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott-Heron

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In four parts without commercial interruptions
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
Blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John Mitchell
General Abrams and Spiro Agnew
To eat hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary
The revolution will not be televised …

Gil Scott-Heron

Student radicals occupied the administration building at Columbia University, shades of 1971, give or take a couple of years. Something is different this time. A new voice has risen to the occasion. I give you Johannah King-Slutzky poet laureate for the Hamas Nazi hoard.

Johannah King-Slutzky, a PhD candidate 

King-Slutzky demanded Columbia University deliver food and water to the protesters illegally barricading Hamilton Hall to prove they were committed to their students. She warned the barricaders would “die of starvation and dehydration” if the university did not show their “obligation” by giving them free food. 

Johannah King-Slutzky, Columbia University

This leads me to a question. If the cops manning the perimeter of a protest chow down on coffee and donuts without sharing with the protesters, are they violating the protesters rights?