MSM, Lies, and Misrepresentations

How does the MSM lie? Let me count the ways? The following links may cause one to wonder, when is a teen not a teen? Here are some articles from the San Antonio Express News website. Compare and contrast.

First up we have Jorge Rivera. Rivera is eighteen and legally an adult. No mention of his status as a teen. He tried to kidnap two women in two separate incidents. He likely sexually assaulted three more. He is already working on an insanity defense.

Jorge Rivera, 18 (Not a teen)

Then there is Sebastian Sergovia, 19. He is charged with Capital Murder. At 19 he is also an adult, but the Express News proclaims “Teen Confesses ….

Sebastian Sergovia, 19 (Teen)

Kristian Ray Belmudez, 19, was arrested for Capital Murder. He is charged with murdering Gabriel A. Sanchez, 19, and Sanaa Keilani McNeil, 19. Belmudez, legally an adult, was described as a teen by the Express News. His victims, also 19, were not characterized as teens.

Kristian Ray Belmudez (Teen)

My commonsense reaction is that once a person reaches voting age and can legally enter into contracts, they are adults. Teen is a term that should not apply any longer. Don’t like my stance? I could accept an all or nothing at all approach. All teens are teens until they reach 20. Or no teens over the age of majority, (18) should be labeled as such. I’m asking too much. In the span of one story, Belmudez, 19 is a teen. But no mention by the reporter that Sanchez and McNeil, both 19, were also teens.

My suspicion is that the decision to label an individual as a “teen” or not is governed by the potential charge. Rivera is facing a substantial prison sentence. Sergovia and Belmudez are each charged with Capital crimes and could be sentenced to death. (Not likely given the current District Attorney). Since the Express News is decidedly liberal, they are doing their bit to influence future outcomes. Since McNeil and Sanchez are both dead, they don’t count.

I’m old. I remember when the term teens conjured up images of:

Beach Blanket Bingo

Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon have been replaced:

The Manson Girls

Bad as the Manson family is they are pikers compared to the average liberal. Remember the primary responsibility of the news media is to sell tampons and toilet paper.