Terms That I Never Thought I’d See Together

I admit it I’m getting fat and old. So fat I have a hard time keeping my pants up. Too fat to tuck a pistol in my waistband (no room, plus the hang over). A more traditional belt holster just ensures that my pants will end up around my ankles. Once there it is too far to bend over. I figured a fanny pack would not solve the problem. My buddy Tom gave me a man purse. Unfortunately, a man purse isn’t up to the task of carrying a man-sized gun. So, I hit Amazon.

I found this. It’s black, doesn’t look like a purse and has all sorts of manly pockets and external attachment points. It boasts that it the perfect pack for a gunman because it has a holster and concealed carry compartment. It is apparently extremely versatile. When not used to support a charge up San Juan Hill, the G4 bag can double as a diaper bag. Not specified is the type of diaper, Pampers or Depends.

What’s the whirling sound? It is Heart Attack Hallmark turning over in his grave. None of Heart Attack’s range bags were equipped to carry diapers.

Perfect sling pack for the gunman. You can use the small tactical backpack as an EDC sling pack, chest bag, handbag, tactical, pouch, first-aid kit, a diaper bag, and so on.

G4, tactical sling back description

IF any of you hard charging cops from yesteryear use the diaper bag pitch as a prime consideration to purchase the G4 bag, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.