Nomination For a Hero Badge

Georgia has started a campaign urging candidates for a driver’s license to remain clothed. Apparently, people can supply their own photo. This has resulted in some state issued identification cards displaying more than a portrait.

Way back when, this is no shit … you get the idea. On sunny warm days we would set up a driver’s license check on Post Road. Traffic wasn’t very heavy and there were broad shoulders. The object of the game was to stand in the middle of the street and flag down vehicles. The object was to ensure that the drivers possessed a valid driver’s license, insurance and a current registration.

The fact that many of the vehicles were traveling to or from Five Mile dam was entirely coincidental. It was a trick of geography that Five Mile Dam was a popular swimming spot populated by college students, many of the female persuasion. The fact that many of the coeds were clad in bikinis never entered into our decision to set up a check point.

Chester was a Highway Patrol officer. He lived on Post Road. When he was working days and quitting time was fast approaching, Chester was known to park in front of his house and conduct a driver’s license check. There was a method to his madness. Once the clock struck quitting time, Chester could be reasonably certain that he would not have to deal with any nefarious activity before he reached the house.

Chester was doing his protect and serve bit at the head of his driveway when a coed approached, coming from the dam. She rolled down her window and with a great big grin, popped a boob out of her top and said, “is this what you’re looking for officer?”

Not missing a beat, Chester replied, “That’s mighty nice, but I wanted to see your driver’s license.”

This was not an unusual occurrence. It happened to me three or four times, while on that same road. Unfortunately, each time it happened it was Chester showing off.