Winner! In the Ghetto Lottery

For a change of pace, no cops were implicated in this incident. A landscaper in Modesto, California was mowing grass in a city park. He was using a mower that is towed behind a tractor. He apparently ran over a homeless woman sleeping in the brush. Could be worse, coulda been a woodchipper. To add insult to injury, the authorities were less than fastidious in cleaning up the scene. The family claims that when they went to the scene after the event, they found bits and pieces of her left behind.

The story is a typical MSM hit job. One has to read between the lines to get a sense of the parts of the story left unreported. The park belonged to the city. However, the city ceded control to a winery. The winery assumed responsibility for maintenance the day before.

Local winery E & J Gallo Winery acquired Beard Brook Park from city management one day prior to Chavez’s death. A spokesperson for the company said that the landscaper was hired to remove weeds and provide fire prevention services.

Fox News

Could be me. But it sounds like this wasn’t about mowing a lawn. It sounds like the city deferred maintenance and the area was overgrown. The coroner’s office has not determined a cause of death. All that can be said, for sure at this point, is that the lawn mower eliminated the possibility of an open casket funeral. There is a possibility that she was already dead, and her body was dumped. She may have died of natural causes like an overdose or acute intoxication. Nobody knows, but that didn’t stop the MSM from rendering a judgement.

As to the sloppy cleanup efforts I have one word.