Start a New Trend?

The Wall Street Journal reports a new trend. People who own Jeeps are finding rubber ducks left on the jeeps. WSJ reports that is some sort of grass roots effort. Some Jeep owners have collected dozens of rubber duckies. I feel left out. Then again, I don’t own a Jeep.

I drive a Volvo XC 60, it’s kinda like a Jeep SUV. People ask me why I bought a Volvo. I reply at my age, it’s probably as close to a vulva as I’m gonna get. That gives me an idea! I have no use for a rubber ducky. Instead of a rubber ducky people could leave another rubber toy. I give you the :

The pocket pussy for a Volvo owner

I talk a good game. Chances are I’d have as much use for a pocket pussy as a rubber ducky.