I Identify as …. No Wait!

Embodiment of hate speech?

If I had any kids, I never met them. These days I kinda wish that I had a school age kid. No, it’s not about legacy. It is based on the shear entertainment that they would provide. ABC news reported that Facebook recognizes 58 gender options available for the taking. The way I understand it these gender options are available based upon individual preference and declaration. Add to that, in New York city it is a crime to misgender a person, punishable by fines up to $250,000 per occurrence. What a target rich environment. Think of the fun to be had.


Why pick on schools? Because they are easy.

There is an anecdote that James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas fame, mounted a protest while a student at Rutgers University. His crusade was successful. O’Keefe complained that the inclusion of “Lucky Charms” breakfast cereal constituted hate speech by perpetuating stereotypes harmful to students of Irish heritage. As a result, Rutgers students can now order “Fruit Loops” but “Lucky Charms are off the menu.

Back to the gender thing and kids. Play this one out. Monday morning, homeroom and Little Johnny. (Remember all those jokes about little Johnny and the teacher?) Who else could it be? Little Johnny stands up and announces that he; is now a she and requires the appropriate pronouns and accommodations. Two sentences, less than thirty seconds Little Johnny is done.

Now the fun begins. In my school days the teacher would have handled Little Johnny with a one-word acknowledgement, “Bullshit!” Not now. Teachers today have no choice but to acknowledge Johnny’s announcement. Cue the background music, “Home, home on the range, where never a discouraging word is heard.” Any other response sets up the teacher to accused of a variety of “ISMS”. The fun continues, the teacher has to contact the school administration. The principle and guidance counselors have to be brought into the loop. Secretaries have to pull student records and make note of the change in the file. Being bureaucrats, the school administrators contact the school district and superintendent in order to duck/pass along responsibility. Meanwhile Little Johnny is smoking in the boys’ room.

On Tuesday, during homeroom, Little Johnny stands up and announces this whole he/she thing isn’t working out and he/she has decided to not be a girl anymore. Instead, Little Johnny has decided to be Cisgender. Thirty seconds and Little Johnny is back in his seat contemplating the cigarette break. The teacher meanwhile…. It Groundhog Day all over again.

On the bright side, there are only 56 more choices to go. Furry, what about furries? Somebody get the janitor we’re gonna need a litter box.

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