Couldn’t Let This One Go

Blogging has been light, this week. I didn’t see anything that struck my fancy. Then I found this! My first reaction is that this has to be a put-up job. Come on… a deaf-mute tranny singing a song made famous by a dead junkie, you can’t make this shit up. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is a put-up job.

If ever there was an illustration of my theory of “Watch me while I rub shit in my hair!” this, is it. Remember when talent shows required talent? Critics characterized the performance as “stunning and brave”. I get the stunning part. Who convinced this poor deluded bastard that this was a good idea? I suspect that the audience was recruited from that segment of the population that enjoys watching train wrecks. Brave, being unable to rationally understand the dangers inherent in a course of action doesn’t appear anywhere in the definition of bravery.