WWE Targeted

The FBI says that a WWE Event in Atlanta has been targeted by ISIS.

Target for ISIS?
Target for ISIS?

The information was provided to the FBI by Anonymous the hacker group that promised to take on ISIS Internet operations, WWE Atlanta

I guess it is too much to hope for, since ISIS is taking on a phony sporting event they will use phony weapons.

The FEDS may not be happy with the assistance from Anonymous.  Intelligence is a different game than enforcement.  Intelligence analysts would be happy to monitor known bonafide ISIS lines of communication believing they receive more value by knowing plans rather than disrupting communications.

The downside on monitoring communications is that to act on information obtained is to reveal to ISIS that their communications has been compromised.   Churchill had advance notice that Coventry, England would be bombed because the British could read German “ULTRA” communications.  The fear was that if the evacuated the city, added to air defenses or prepositioned equipment the Germans would realize that ULTRA had been compromised. So Churchill did nothing.  Coventry was bombed.

My view is that information is worthless if it can’t be exploited, in some manner.  It is a balancing act that causes spirited battles between analysts and  agents.