No Gun, No Problem, Run Into an Old Fart, PROBLEM

You will not find this widely reported because too many liberal talking points were proven to be false. The New York Daily news is reporting that a 75 year old veteran was holding a chess class for 16 kids at the local library.  This is when Dustin Brown came charging in armed with a knife and intent on making a knife attack and killing as many kids as possible.

James Vernon, the chess teacher distracted Brown, which allowed the children to escape.  Brown then attacked Vernon. Despite being stabbed and slashed repeatedly Vernon restrained Brown until police arrived.

Brown was arrested last March, 2015 for Possession of Kiddie Porn and was out on bond.  Brown’s status of being under indictment for a felony, precluded his ability to legally obtain a firearm.  We have no idea of the terms of his felony bond or what was seized during the March search but there is a possibility that any firearms he possessed were either seized or surrendered as a condition of bond. So it isn’t an inanimate object that causes mayhem but the hand that holds it.

This is another example where decisive action on the part of one individual upset offender’s plan and prevented a further tragedy. Unarmed intervention works, armed intervention works better.