Marighella Revisited


I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday  (2/23/2017) as he and an d caller discussed the goals of the Trump hating “Trans” left and Democrats. Rush made the observation (I’m paraphrasing here) that after the immediate goal of getting rid of Trump, the next step was unclear. Placating the “trans” folks represented such a small demographic that it wouldn’t carry into a more generalized movement. I can offer a blueprint that was first proposed in the Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla – Carlos Marighella (1969)

Marighella is a contemporary of Che and wrote this manifesto in 1969. It enjoyed a brief vogue with the Bader-Meinhoff Gang, Red Army Faction, Carlos the Jackal. and assorted Eurotrash. To get cute, he as not proposing that the Urban Guerrilla match force with force against the government. The aim of the guerrilla was to cause a response by the government that was perceived by the populace as being negative. Involve enough groups affected by heavy-handed government actions and the citizens would rise up and complete the job that the guerrillas started.

Take out the bombast and bullshit of the 1960’s radical and you get a blueprint that at the very least is a profit center, if not a road map to revolution. For instance:

  • Save the whales, baby seals, rain forests, environment, and planet.  The implication being that the government can’t or won’t do it. Send money!
  • Civil rights, human rights, animal rights, people and animals are being harmed by an unthinking uncaring government. Send money!

Marighella doesn’t offer solutions because to do so would be to fall into the same trap as the government, no problem is ever solved to the satisfaction of all concerned. Secondly, the folks that fall into this mindset want total destruction. There is no sense planning on rebuilding with brick, if brick doesn’t exist.

Let them Eat Cake

I think that I have seen about ten minutes of post apocalypse TV shows. It strikes me that in these shows nothing functions. No water, so sewer, no transportation, communication, manufacturing capability, electrical production and distribution is in evidence. Given the ragged state of clothing fashion is by the wayside. Looking at the female cast there is a glimmer of hope somebody someplace is still producing push up bras. But that’s all make believe.