What To Do When the Magic Runs Out?

LAPD outside Magic Castle

The article is a little short on facts, but a magician was found hanging around in a closet at the Magic Castle. He had a bag over his head and was dressed only his underwear, then again maybe not. LAPD is calling it a possible suicide and the press is content to leave it at that: Magic-castle-death-hanging-suicide-magician

Update the Los Angeles Medical Examiner has ruled the death as accidental and refuses to discuss the details leading to such a conclusion. An accidental death ruling, in such instances, is often taken as autoerotic asphyxiation that will only throw the press into further paroxysms of hype and wild speculation. 

My theory on headlines is that they have to have a hook. In this case, Magic Castle is sufficient, if the guy was found hanging in the closet of a three bedroom in the valley then the likely headline would dwell on his state of undress.

There are some headlines that demand to be written, but it takes a bold editor to tell it like it is, one such man was Thomas Musetto who was responsible for this 1983 front page:

This may have been the perfect headline, the like of which will never be seen again.

Nowadays headlines don’t have to be rational or have any factual basis. On the subject of Donald Trump competing front pages will tell you Trump Administration on Fast Track or Trump Administration in Shambles. Check out another set of headlines and you may find: Trump’s Ivy League Education Taught Him About Russia or Sources Say Khrushchev Took Trump to Raise in the Fifties. Which is right? Doesn’t matter. The news isn’t about informing the public, the priority is to sell more tampons and toilet paper than one’s competitor.

If TV news is serious about increasing their ratings, they might look to Albanian TV. I could watch her all night. Yup, turn the mute button on and voila! the perfect female news bimbo. Just put the copy on the desk behind her and feel the tension and drama build each time she reached back for a new story. That is must see TV!