Hit the Road Jack

Ask a liberal what was the most influential government program to effect American society in the 20th Century? Chances are they will point to LBJ’s Great Society. They would be wrong. Thus, proving that Ronald Reagan got it right when he said:

It’s not that liberals aren’t smart, it’s just that so much of what they know isn’t so

Ronald Reagan

Okay, so what was the seminal event?


I maintain that every facet of American society was touched by President Eisenhower’s creation of the Interstate Highway System. The Interstate made suburbia possible. Manufacturing operations were able to move out of large cities into the countryside. The workforce followed. The influx of newcomers changed small town politics. Isolated communities were forced to improve schools, and infrastructure. Expanded area gave rise to television and radio as a news and entertainment source. The list goes on.

It would probably be easier to try and list aspects of society that remained unaffected. I can only think of one.

Compare the money spent on the Interstate highway system as opposed to LBJ’s Great Society and the Interstate is a bargain.