Yeah, So?

I guess we’re supposed to be surprised and amazed by this study. I pointed this out over thirty years ago. Just another example of me being ahead of my time.

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom — While the word psychopath usually conjures up images of knife-wielding attackers and masked assailants for most people, not all psychopaths are serial killers. The vast majority simply blend in with the rest of society, all the while masking their cold and calculating true nature. Now, new research set for presentation at Cambridge may just disprove yet another psychopath falsity. Most depictions and popular examples of psychopaths in the media are male, but the study argues female psychopaths are up to five times more common than currently believed.

Dr. Clive Boddy, Anglia Ruskin University, 

“People generally attribute psychopathic characteristics to males rather than to females. So even when females display some of the key traits associated with psychopathy – such as being insincere, deceitful, antagonistic, unempathetic and lacking in emotional depth – because these are seen as male characteristics they may not be labeled as such, even when they should be,”

Dr. Clive Boddy, Anglia Ruskin University, 

I pointed out back then, those traits applied to males to label them as psychopaths don’t have the same impact when applied to women. In women when those traits are found they are called social skills.

Next up if a male psychopath transitions to female, does that mean he’s cured?

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