Taking One for the Team?

The freak show that President Poopy Pants with which surrounds himself takes another hit. The best and brightest, MIT grad Sam Brinton, caught another felony case. This time he stole a suitcase in Las Vegas. This is the second time he has been arrested. In each instance, the victim was a woman. He could have a suitcase fetish. I don’t know. I’d like to see photos of the victims. Could it be he was attracted to their sense of style and the fact that they appeared to be the same size as him?

I get the feeling that it wasn’t difficult to track the progress of the crime via surveillance cameras. Gangster chic has evolved once again. Here is an example of what the high-level White House member and luggage thief wears.

Sam Brinton as the Suitcase Snatcher


Not quite ready for prime time. Anybody who has watched TV and movies knows how crooks are supposed to dress. If one is a cat burglar, then dark clothing is required. The idea is to blend in.

Cary Grant, “It Takes a Thief”

The model changes when one happens to be a criminal mastermind being stalked by a good guy in tights.

Frank Gorshin

I’m so glad I’m not a cop anymore. I don’t think I could have handled the current dress code.

“Barney Miller” Detective Fish goes undercover

There is another possible explanation. Poppy Pants is being roundly criticized for trading an international arms dealer and mass murderer by proxy for a shop-worn bull dyke. I can hear the White House handlers now, “Poopy Pants needs some cover, quick Sam go steal a suitcase!” It could have happened that way.