Say This Three Times Fast

You can’t make this shit up… A New York/New Jersey Port Authority Cop is suing his employer. The Washington Examiner has the story.

According to the Washington Examiner, a New York/New Jersey transit cop decided took the “trans” to heart. He/she or it, decided that he/she or it wanted to try out the accommodations in a different locker room. He/she or it objected when the administration didn’t move fast enough to accommodate he, she or it. The cop was especially incensed by being referred to as it.

This is New York. It is against the law to refer to a “trans” person by an inappropriate pronoun. Under New York rules gender and pronouns are self assigned. Either can change on a whim. What was appropriate yesterday may be offensive today. It, as a term, having no gender, seems a safe course. But like the old saying goes: “When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” I know it isn’t a pronoun, but asshole seems like an appropriate term. At any rate the result is predictable.

In other words a trans, bi-state transit cop has filed a tort.

I guess it is just me. I suspect that if this officer went into the boss’s office and announced that his left arm offended him, her or it and that he, she or it intended to have it amputated, the next action would be one less trans cop of any stripe. However, since the offending body part involved genitalia that was okay. This is because many police administrators made a Faustian bargain and gave up their own genitals to reach their exalted position.