Nomination For A Hero Badge

Remember back in elementary school math class? A common complaint was frequently heard, why do I have to learn this? Once I get a real job, I’ll never use math anymore. Uh, carry the one… Here is the modern day equivalent of the blivet, 42 pounds of explosives in a 25 pound container. Famous last words. It’s a tie either, “Aw Shit,” or “Watch this!”

LAPD has fixed the problem. This will never happen again. Did they get a bigger truck? No. Require somebody to double check the math? No. The solution is simple.

He said the bomb squad has already begun implementing new procedures as a result of the explosion, including the required presence of a commanding officer during future detonations.

LAPD spokesperson

There will never be another controlled explosion in Los Angeles. It is much easier for command staff to avoid responsibility when they are hunkered down in an office across town. It is tougher for a commander to deny responsibility as bits and pieces fall down around his ears.

For Sale, Slightly used LAPD bomb disposal truck
Sometimes, once is all it takes to learn the lesson.