Out of the Frying Pan …

Liberals and fellow mouth breathers are convinced that banning an inanimate object will make us all safer. Individual actions and acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions are not a consideration in liberal thought. In the liberal world when a person uses a gun, the fault falls squarely on the gun not the person using it. If that is the case, then there is a whole host of items that need banning.

Not surprisingly many of these incidents happened in Florida. Here we go.

In St Petersburg Florida a mother assaulted her daughter with a frozen chicken. Like getting hit with a rock with the added benefit of possible salmonella poisoning.

A Miami-Dade cop got tossed in the slammer after throwing a McDonald’s Cheeseburger at his wife. No word as whether it was a “Big Mac” attack. If it was a Big Mac does that elevate the offense to using a “high capacity” weapon?
Cop Arrested After Allegedly Throwing McDonald’s Cheeseburger At Wife | The Smoking Gun

In Marion County, where else? Florida. A man slapped his wife with a pizza slice. No word as to the pizza origin, delivery or Digiorno’s.

In Pinellas Park, Florida a women beat a store clerk with two Slim Jim snacks as she attempted her escape. No word on whether the cops charged her with wielding a deadly weapon. In Texas, a low-grade misdemeanor theft becomes a felony (robbery) when the offender uses force to resist arrest or to maintain control of the stolen property while making an escape.
Police: Female Shoplifter Battered Store Clerk With Pair Of Slim Jims | The Smoking Gun

Breaking the trend, an Ohio woman beat her mother to death with a frying pan. If the frying pan was Teflon coated will the charges still stick?
Sydney Powell killed mom with frying pan, knife over college secret (nypost.com)

Stupid liberals, it’s about the behavior of the individual not the object that comes to hand. Four of these stories were reported at the Smoking Gun blog and one from the New York Post. The fact that the stories made the cut is more about their ability to titillate than their value as a straight news story. Who can forget this headline from the New York Post:

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