No Longer Crazy

A Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy instituted a cure for mental illness on a man. He was referred to mental health professionals on at least two occasions. The mental health experts turned him loose. Course, it’s the cops fault he’s dead, not the wacko’s and not the doctor’s

In this instance the dearly departed was in and out of the mental health system.

I know that our SMART Team has dealt with him at one point and we believe that he was taken to the hospital at that point, self-surrendered,” Salazar said Thursday, referring to the county’s mental health team. “We do believe that another agency, I think it was SAPD, may have E-D’d him over the course of the past couple of weeks. Which begs the question for me is ‘why is he even out here if law enforcement has done what we’re supposed to do?’ We’re supposed to take these people to get help. It appears that’s been done at least twice. Why is he even here?”

Bexar County Sheriff Salazar

I know, I know! Here is what the mental health professionals say.

Mental Health Public Defenders represent the people in these hearings, focusing on what their client wants, even if it’s not what their doctor is recommending. “We represent the person’s of interest, not the best interest of the community or the best interest of the patient,” said

Chief Public Defender Michael Young.

Read the bold section again. Work with it… I tossed assholes in jail for thirty years. Jail wasn’t what any of them wanted. But, it is what they got. In the current liberal dominated mental health system, the crazy get to decide and overrule the so called professionals. Who is crazy now?

The dearly departed terrorized a neighborhood and probably his relatives for a period of time. Deputies got him into the the mental health system. The system let him go. The turd went right back to his old ways. This time he fought with a deputy, and tried to run him down. The deputy cured this clown’s mental illness. Not with ten milligrams of Diazepam but a 140 grain bullet.

So far, the family hasn’t figured out that they are contenders in the Ghetto Lottery. Guess the ambulance chasers haven’t caught up with them yet. Dig a grave, digging for gold, same, same.

On the up side his mama will never again have to worry about what he’s doing and where he has been.

Used to be, this saying made sense, in Texas.