Come on Earthquake #234

The Los Angeles District Attorney wants car manufactures to modify the way they build cars. It seems LA is experiencing a high number of thefts of catalytic converters. A District Attorney already has the tools in hand to address the problem. He could prosecute the thieves and put them in jail. But that puts the responsibility firmly on the shoulders of the District Attorney. If the car manufactures can be implicated, then any failure isn’t his fault.

There is a story about a Texas attorney meeting up with a pair of his east coast urban counterparts. The two easterners made light of the fact that in Texas they still hanged horse thieves but ley killers go. The Texan replied that it was all very simple. Texans understood that some men needed killing. But they had never seen a horse that needed stealing.

I’m not one to advocate secession. That issue was settled in the 1860’s. I have nothing against natural disaster.