No Good Deed…

Woman Sues Her Rescuers Because She Didn’t Want to Be Rescued by Helicopter

I think of the cold dark places I’ve experienced trying to accomplish a body recovery or rescue and then I see something like this. Would I do it again? Yeah, I would. Fuck her and her attorney.

A women hiking in a park falls down and goes boom. A rescue operation is mounted and the rescuers opt to medivac her out. They have to sling load her out because the helicopter can’t land. The stretcher spins as the helicopter takes off. She is now suing her rescuers for millions because the ride was unpleasant. At the link:

Try this one on for size. Nobody has an obligation to rescue your silly ass. A family member might have an obligation, providing the rescue effort is within their capability. If the rescue requires technical ability or exposes the rescuer to danger, then the victim is just so much roadkill.

She is complaining about minutes of unpleasantness, because the stretcher spun. The alternative was hours of jolting as rescuers carried her out on a stretcher. Could have left her there, vultures gotta eat.

Jacob’s Well, Wimberley, Texas