English Humor?

The English are know for a quirky sometimes bizarre sense of humor. Monty Python couldn’t pull this one off.

Usman Khan was imprisoned as Muslim terrorist. The judge who sentenced him recommended that he never be released. James Ford is a convicted murderer doing a life.

British justice being what it is, both were free. They ended up at the same location a “reintegration meeting” for offenders. Khan pulled a pair of knives and demonstrated that the meeting wasn’t working. He stabbed five people, killing two.

Khan is right up there with guys who picked the wrong place to screw up.

Some examples that come to mind. A black guy who decided to rob a redneck bar in South Austin on Saturday night. He pulled a sawed off double barrel shotgun and announced a robbery. The crowd was not impressed. He discharged one barrel into the ceiling. It is Saturday night, a red neck bar, and gunshots are not unusual. In frustration he fired the second barrel. The crowd counted to two faster than he did.

When the police arrived the only people in the place were the deceased robber and the bartender. The robber had been shot six times. The crime lab determined four different guns were used. It was Saturday night in a redneck bar.

Khan was in a meeting with ex-cons some of whom had more than a passing familiarity with violence. Some of them probably even like it. This guy was offering them a freebie. They went after him. One of the posse was James Ford, a convicted murderer, out on a day pass. Custer had better odds. The crew harried him and tackled him on a bridge.

Khan wasn’t done screwing up. The police arrived. In England, the police are generally unarmed. There are dedicated units of armed officers. Somehow they discovered Khan had a suicide belt. I don’t know whether he announced this fact as an escape strategy or the officers discovered it during the struggle. The officers untangled the pile and promptly put two rounds in his head. The suicide vest was fake. Oh well.

This wouldn’t have happened in the United States. Nope, chances are a Medical Examiner in the U.S. would have stopped counting when he hit a hundred.

What are the odds? One murderer takes out another.