Another Aphorism Bites the Dust!

Perineum Sunning

Here is a fad I can do without! Who thinks of this shit? My hope is that this activity was unveiled in response to those famous words: “You ain’t got a hair on your ass!”

For those of you not fully versed in the proper term for bits of the human anatomy, you may know the perineum as the “T’ain’t.” That’s the space that t’ain’t pussy and t’ain’t asshole.

The claim is that sunning the t’ain’t confers health benefits. I guess it could, but what about other effects? Given the celebrity skanks liable to take up this activity, I gotta ask. What about air pollution?

On the other hand, the paparazzi will finally have the opportunity to photograph their best side.

The aphorism, “Stick it where the sun don’t shine!” doesn’t have the universal meaning it once had.