Man’s Best Friend

Woman-filmed-romp-family-dog-policeWhen most guys go to work, if they think of the family dog, they wonder if the dog is getting on the furniture. A man in Tempe found out the dog getting on his furniture was the least of his worries. To keep the home fires burning, his wife, sent him a homemade video, so that he could amuse himself while he was out of town. The video showed the wife engaged in sex acts with the family Labrador retriever. 

The video came to light after the husband returned home, confronted his spouse, and the police were called to handle the disturbance. What was the dog thinking? He blew a pretty good gig, all for a cheap, tawdry affair. I bet a border collie or Australian Shepard wouldn’t have been caught like that. I guess the lab’s reputation for not being very bright is well earned.