Liberal Logic

No matter how much things change they remain the same…

Adult film star Ron Jeremy has been incarcerated in the LA County jail on a wide variety of sexual assault charges. He had previously been declared unfit to assist in his own defense and ordered to be held in a mental health facility. He reportedly suffers from dementia. Authorities have been unable to find a psychiatric facility willing to take him. So, they are sending him home. According to authorities, it’s okay. Jeremy is essentially bedridden. This proves that “authorities” are ironically challenged.

Two things occur to me. The refusal of mental health facilities to take charge of Jeremy is an indication of what a farce mental health treatment is in this country. Treatment is all well and good. But, there are some wackos running around that can’t be treated. What those wackos and public safety need is a controlled environment where the wackos no longer pose a threat to the rest of society. Mental health pros claim that the wackos shouldn’t be incarcerated, but refuse to identify or provide a setting that protects the wackos and society.

Wackos aren’t the only ones that benefit from liberal largess. I can’t count the number of times that I arrested some asshole in his residence for dealing dope. The judge’s solution was to let the asshole go with the provision that said asshole was under “house arrest” and couldn’t leave. Yeah, that showed them.

So here we have Ron Jeremy, porn star, who for over thirty years made his living in bed sentenced to go to bed. LA being what it is, I suspect Jeremy will end up in the San Fernado valley the epicenter of the LA porn industry.