Fund Raising Appeal

Hi, I'm Anthony. I am an Internet wee wee wager.
Hi, I’m Anthony. I am an Internet wee wee wagger.

Anthony Weiner is so broke, he can’t get it up, the monthly treatment fees. His parents have taken out a $25,000 second mortgage but that does not even cover the cost of a month’s treatment. 

Your donation will go a long way towards keeping Anthony off the Internet and away from you fifteen year old daughters. Can you give? Anthony-Weiner-broke-s-unable-afford-sex-rehab-Tennessee.

I can think of some anecdotal alternatives:

  1. Prosecution, ain’t gonna happen, don’t care how many fifteen year olds he flashed. He holds the keys to the kingdom, Huma’s abandoned computer has a veritable treasure trove of incriminating information regarding the activities of the Clintons. Weiner as the person in care, custody, and control of the computer (and data) has made a gift of that computer to the FBI, with a suitable quid pro quo. He either walks or pleads guilty to a probated sentence.
  2. The “Son’s of Anarchy” had a character who was a notorious pervert. As punishment a rival bike gang cut all of the pervert’s fingers off. I guess so he could no longer get a grip on things. That ought to take care of the political aspect of things also, can you imagine shaking hands?
  3. San Diego was plagued by a wee wee wagger who populated one of the more popular parks. Despite their best efforts this guy always managed to escape. The cops thought that they finally caught a break when they were dispatched to a “Hell’s Angel” barbeque. According to dispatch, the “Angels” were holding a wee wee wagger. It was not to be. Some Angels objected to turning anybody over to the police. Unfortunately, for the wee wee wagger, all the Angels agreed that there had to be a reckoning. When the cops arrived the Angels had no wee wee wagger to display. They were able to point to a sizable blood splatter on top of a waist high brick wall and a bloody baseball bat. The wee wee waggin stopped.
  4.  Finally, there was the drunk that walked into the Sac & Pac in New Braunfels, Texas, late one night. He did some shopping while the female clerk waited on another customer. Once that customer left, he came to the counter with a can of corn and ordered a pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes were kept below counter level and this particular brand was in the lowest level, almost on the floor. The clerk disappeared below counter level, retrieved the cigarettes and as her eyes broke the horizon created by the counter, what did she see? The drunk laid his penis out on the counter for her admiration and edification. The clerk picked up the can of peas and slammed it down onto the offending member. As the police dragged the drunk away the clerk had the last word, “Bet you wish you’d a bought a loaf of bread.”

We like to think that we are civilized and that justice is dispensed in a civilized manner in courts of law with judges, juries and set punishments. One of the things that differentiated America from the mother country Great Britain was America’s belief in “natural rights” that people had rights that could not be conferred nor restricted by higher authority. With that in mind Karma shouldn’t be a foreign concept. Good thoughts and deeds set the stage for good results and bad thoughts and bad deeds set the stage for bad results. What happens, happens and there is no scorekeeper or referee that will accept an appeal. Karma is in effect with or without human intervention.

Justice may be blind, but Karma sees all.