Fun With Words, De-escalation Edition

According to liberals, Minneapolis Police can’t do anything right. Confronted with a barricaded gunman, they attempted to negotiate with him for six hours. This was after he shot up his apartment and adjoining apartments. He was having a bad hair day, or mental health crisis. He didn’t hit anybody. Can you say property crime? In the end he was shot by not one but two snipers. Does getting shot by two snipers hurt more than one?

To me, up in the cheap seats, this appeared to be a successful operation. The cops set up a perimeter and evacuated everybody within without injuries. They spent six hours attempting to negotiate with him via telephone and PA system. While the cops were willing to talk, he wasn’t. How does one establish a dialog when one party refuses to participate? Sometimes the passage of time works to ease tensions, not this time. Occasionally, the best result in negotiation, is to convince the shooter to stand quietly in a window. This the negotiators accomplished.

In the end, two snipers took the shot. Just like that, the shooter was no longer in crisis. His mental health issues were solved. As the shooter rapidly assumed room temperature, the situation was deescalated. The evil rifle that caused the whole situation was no longer able to act without the shooter.