Catch-22 All Over Again

Meet Portia Odufuwa, she shot up Dallas Love Field airport. She has a lengthy arrest history. Judges throughout the Dallas area have repeatedly ruled that she is crazier than a shithouse rat. They sent her to mental health professionals. She assured them she wasn’t crazy, so they let her go. Because she is crazy Federal law prohibits her from possessing a gun. On the other hand, since she is crazy and not responsible for her actions, she can’t be prosecuted. The cop, on the scene almost solved the dilemma, but he shot too low. I know, I know! We need another gun law.

Dallas Love Field Airport shooter Portia Odufuwa.  (Dallas County Sheriff’s Office)

The standard for determining whether a person she be detained in a mental institution is: does this person pose a danger to themselves or others? As a practical matter that is incorrect. The actual standard is does this person pose a danger to self and me (the mental health professional)? The answer is usually no, so the person is released.

Years ago, we picked up a homeless guy who was just traveling through town. No roots in the community. In fact, he would be hard pressed to identify the community. He couldn’t identify the city or state where he was currently in custody. The local JP made a determination that he was crazier than a shithouse rat and ordered a 72-hour commitment. This entailed a trip to Austin State Hospital to evaluated by “mental health professionals.”

According to the transporting officer, the mental health evaluation took place at the intake desk. The interview took less time that it took for the clerk to accept the paperwork. The doctor, or janitor, the interviewer never identified himself, concluded that wacko posed no danger and ordered his release. The cop took the handcuffs off the wacko, turned on his heel and began to walk away.

Shouts of consternation. “You forgot your prisoner.
“Not mine, you just released him,” replied the cop.
“He can’t stay here,” they cried.
“I’m not a taxi. He can go anywhere he wants,” the cop said. The cop got in his patrol car and left.

He returned to the station to find that the mental health professionals called complaining that he had left them with a wacko that they did not want.

Most people have heard the term “bedlam.” Most would associate the term with chaos. Actually, it was a place. It was a hospital, in England, founded in the 12th century. It became a psychiatric hospital before psychology was even a term. Pretty soon the insane, the stupid, addicted and demented were warehoused in the facility. To meet expenses the keepers charged people admission and conducted tours. Rehabilitation and reintegration into society was not a consideration.

Maybe it is time to stop pretending. Community mental health is an even bigger fraud than liberals pretending to be non-racists. Let’s go back to a modern-day version of bedlam. Find a decommissioned military base. Build a high fence, convert existing buildings to bed space. Provide three square meals a day, unlimited alcohol and free drugs. Let the inmates run the asylum. Admission would be strictly voluntary. I can see it now. Maybe it could be one of those drive through attractions.

It works in Yellowstone
Remember to keep your hands in the vehicle, don’t feed the wildlife

It probably wouldn’t work. First, you’d need a facility as big as Fort Hood. Secondly, it would substantially undercut the democrat voter base.