Something Smells

A San Antonio woman walked out her house and disappeared. She was discovered by a security guard two weeks later when she started stinking up the parking lot where her car was parked. Two weeks in a parked car in July, in San Antonio. I am surprised it took that long. Guess the stench didn’t reach the nearby Jim’s coffee shop where SAPD patrol hangs out.

Here’s what is unusual. You can find the story on Fox and Yahoo. Where you can’t find the story is on KSAT 12 the local TV station. San Antonio TV holds to the “if it bleeds it leads,” school of journalism.

My first taste of San Antonio TV news was in 1975. The broadcast showed a gunshot victim being dragged out of a cut and shoot bar on a gurney. The victim was conspicuously conscious, evidenced by his attempts to kick a TV camera man. The paramedics had trouble putting the guy in the ambulance. They had to put the gurney down in order to drag the cameraman standing in the ambulance. The cameraman objected to being removed. The paramedics than loaded the guy into the ambulance. They had trouble closing the doors, more cameramen. News you can use.

You’d think this story would be a natural for San Antonio media. So far.

As the famed columnist used to say.