Another School Shooting

She/He twists off

In order to be timely and accurate I have added a new category. “ITS WITH GUNS” This category identifies those paragons of mental health and normalcy, well adjusted transgender things that feel compelled to shoot up someplace.

The MSM is reporting that one of the shooters is a female to male transgender juvenile. You can be sure that the MSM will emphasize that the shooter is female rather than transgender.

Is Anybody Keeping Count?

Trying to find an accurate count is difficult because that is a statistic that doesn’t play to the narrative. This the second shooting involving an identified transgender.

Maryland Rite Aid Shooter She/he kills co-workers

Stand by for the tap dance. The she/he has been in therapy. The question becomes why didn’t the therapist spot a potential problem? I can hear the excuse now, “Once we lop those titties off that desire to commit mass murder will go away.”

I’m not going to go Freudian, but it has been pointed out that other mass shooters were sexually frustrated.