Fun With Language

Astros, George Springer

It is all so confusing. Sometimes a profanity is profane and shouldn’t be voiced. But then again sometimes what is profane is a term of endearment and is acceptable. It isn’t so much the speech as it is the speaker.

Snoop Dog and Spike Lee have made millions using the term nigger. They kill niggers, beat down niggers, and dodge niggers trying to steal their stuff. Niggers been good to them. No white boy has been able to duplicate their achievement.

Now a new word has joined the lexicon of words that are good or bad, depending on the speaker. Astros baseball player George Springer called one of the worst umpires in baseball a cocksucker. This is a sin in the politically correct world.

Cocksucker is no longer a term of derision. The ability to suck cock and do it well is a point of pride. It is something to brag about. The achievement is to be celebrated, no matter the sex of the sucker. Oh, I have committed a PC faux paux. It is now possible for the suckee to be female, gender don’t you know.

To a degree I can understand it. I have used the term both as a mark of respect and derision. Sometimes the terms darling, dear and wife were used in conjunction with cocksucker, (respect and affection). Sometimes the terms rotten, rancid, and cum gargling accompanied cocksucker, (derision and dislike).

In the black and white world of political correctness, in order to use the term cocksucker with purity of heart one must be able to demonstrate that a pair of balls has once rested on your chin.

Call me old fashioned. I will rely on the context of the words not the speaker before I decide what is offensive.