Come to Florida

‘F*** It, I’m Drunk, Take Me To Jail’: Florida Man Crashes Lawn Mower Into Police Car

There is something to be said for moving to Florida. Expectations are so low for the denizens of Florida that the bottom may never be found. No matter how reprehensible one’s behavior there will always be somebody lower on the moral scale. If it isn’t immediately apparent, just wait the new champion of the underworld will be along directly. Take this rogues gallery:

Pictured are two drunk and drug abusing burnouts. They were outdone by a steroid abusing wanna be mad bomber. The fat boy is no threat to people. However, the family dog isn’t safe from sexual assault when he is around. The black and white photo is Ted Bundy the rapist and serial murderer of the Northwest. He morphed into a rapist and mass murderer once he crossed the Florida state line. All of them are eclipsed, when it comes to depravity, by the only female pictured, the former head of the democratic party.

Yup, come to Florida where everybody is allowed to seek their lowest level.