Nomination For Hero Badge

A Florida cop was sent to a MADD function across the state in order to receive an award for his efforts in DWI enforcement.  This junket required him to attend an awards banquet, followed by two days of training in DWI enforcement issues. Once at the venue he started working on a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Prior to the ceremony he was observed stumbling around in the hallway of his motel, dressed only in his underwear.  It gets worse.

It does not help that the individual who observed him in such a state was the Chief of Police from another agency.  As he blew Jameson fumes in the Chief’s face, the Chief suggested that he forego the MADD Award ceremony.  The officer did not attend the banquet.  

The next morning he and his two cohorts attended the first hour of training but never returned after the first break.  They were observed hanging around the pool, drunk. His excuse was that he had been reassigned to another unit and the DWI training was not relevant to his new assignment.  He received a one day suspension for his antics and had to write a letter of apology to the Police Chief he offended.

It sounds like a typical out of town training trip.  The officer got off easy. This sounds like at least a three day rip (suspension) to me. His department apparently left no stone unturned, the internal affairs investigative report ran to 274 pages.  I have seen Capital Murder reports that didn’t run that long.  I’m not sure but I think I could have covered everything that needed to be covered on a post card and still had room for a PS. 

This might have been prevented.  I am sure the supervisor that sent the guy said, “Self, he worked hard and he was recognized for that hard work and he ought to be there for the award.” On the other hand the training isn’t going to do him any good because he is going to another assignment.

Had it been me, I would have sent the unit sergeant to accept the award, because the unit needs to maintain good relations with MADD and the FNG who is replacing the hero of this story to training.  The hero, I’d give him a bottle of Jameson’s and three days in a fish camp in the panhandle.

I am wondering if the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office motto isn’t, “If it isn’t worth doing to excess, it’s not worth doing.” Good job IA you got your guy.