Cue the Ham Sandwich

Here we go again, expect the wackos to crawl out of the woodwork and into the Travis County Grand Jury Chamber some time soon. All the usual defendants will be there like, the nefarious

Ham Sandwich

The latest round of political witch trials, on deck, has been brought on by the newly elected Sheriff of Travis County and the Governor, Gregg Abbott. The Governor’s Office through the Criminal Justice Division (CJD) funds a variety of  grant projects. Fund are available to local law enforcement, once they apply for funding that falls within a target category.  When the funds are awarded they are paid out in increments upon specific performance.

I worked for a grant funded project and can testify that CJD is entirely capable of being chickenshit, in that our grant was suspended because CJD didn’t have a specific form they requested from us. It was reinstated hours later when they received their form. The requested information was always of vital importance such as: how many pages in a ream of paper, or how many paperclips do you have on hand?

The newly elected Sheriff, who runs the jail, announced that she would no longer honor ICE detainers for Travis County prisoners. Some prisoners she would hold because they were “icky” but others she would let go. Gov. Abbott seems to feel she ought to do her job and shut up. As a matter of law she has no choice in the matter. Course the new Sheriff is a Democrat so the law does not apply to her, if what she wants to do is stylish. Texas-governor-abbott-threatens-to-cut-travis-county-funding-over-sanctuary-city-directive/

Greg Abbott is no Rick Perry. He is able to pour piss out of a cowboy boot by reading the instructions printed on the heel and he can do it without falling down. This is a skill that Rick Perry never mastered. Upon assuming the Governorship and establishing control of CJD funds (it may be more expansive control) CJD has required that agencies receiving funding follow the law (across the board) as part of their specific performance for continued funding.

Perry did much the same thing to the Travis County District Attorney and found himself indicted for what was essentially theft. He beat the rap but not the ride.

I guess the menu will tell if there is a real change in how things are done. Look for it ham sandwiches or  TCSO waffles.