Adam Glass, 33, Died of Natural Causes

Albert Anastasia’s body lying on the floor of the barbershop.

Adam Glass, 33, never to see 34, went to get his hair cut this past weekend. The barber didn’t finish the job. It wasn’t his fault. Glass was gunned down by two shooters, his quest for sartorial splendor will be left to the mortuary. The shooters escaped. According to the San Antonio Express News, it was just one of those things.

It’s not like this type of thing has happened before. Set the dial on the wayback machine to 1957.

Despite eleven witnesses in and around the scene, the cops never solved the shooting of Albert Anastasia. There is a certain symmetry in play. Anastasia was known as “The Lord High Executioner.” He was never convicted of any of the murders that police suspected he committed or ordered. (There was one death sentence back in 1921. However, none of the witnesses against him were available to testify when it came time to retry him. He was released.)

Back to present day. Why was Glass targeted? The Express News doesn’t know. Let’s take the long way around, what is it about Adam Glass?

Would it be safe to assume that he was not a Clint Eastwood fan? Maybe he just missed watching “High Plains Drifter”.

Clint Eastwood, “High Plains Drifter”

According to what passes for a police Chief in San Antonio, Glass was targeted to be hit. Even if Glass wasn’t a fan of Clint Eastwood, I guess the hitters could be, that would explain the barber shop. There is another possibility. Glass is or was as the case may be a convicted felon. He was recently released from Federal Prison. He took up residence in a half-way house. Kinda hard to hit a guy there.

Seems in a prior life, Glass was a violent felon. He did time in TDC before he was twenty years old. once out he got jugged again for being part of a street gang. He entered the Federal system after ATF found guns in his residence. He didn’t buy them, his girlfriend did. His fingerprints were on the guns because he had to move them while he was doing housework. Back in the jug he went.

He had turned his life around and was an aspiring rapper. He should have known better. Those rap music critics are brutal. Here is a partial list of rappers who were helped along to that great studio in the sky, according to Wikipedia (the lazy man’s reference).


NameDate of deathAge at deathPlace of deathCause of deathRef.
3-2November 10, 201644Houston, Texas, U.S.Shooting[63]
Adán ZapataJune 1, 201221San Nicolás de los Garza, MexicoShooting[52]
AKAFebruary 10, 202335Durban, South AfricaShooting[89]
Archie EversoleApril 5, 202237Decatur, Georgia, U.S.Shooting[82]
Bad News BrownFebruary 11, 201133Montreal, Quebec, CanadaUnspecified violence[50][51]
Bankroll FreshMarch 4, 201628Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.Shooting[62]
Big HawkMay 1, 200636Houston, Texas, U.S.Shooting[43]
Big LFebruary 15, 199924New York City, U.S.Shooting[25][26][27]
Blade IcewoodApril 19, 200528Detroit, Michigan, U.S.Shooting[39]
CamoflaugeMay 19, 200321Savannah, Georgia, U.S.Shooting[34]
CharizmaDecember 16, 199320Milpitas, California, U.S.Shooting[11][12]
ChinxMay 17, 201531New York City, U.S.Shooting[61]
Danny “D-Boy” RodriguezOctober 6, 199022Dallas, Texas, U.S.Shooting[9][10]
DepzmanSeptember 21, 201318Birmingham, EnglandStabbing[57]
DJ Uncle AlSeptember 10, 200132Miami, Florida, U.S.Shooting[29][30]
Doe BDecember 28, 201322Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.Shooting[58]
DollaMay 18, 200921Los Angeles, California, U.S.Shooting[45][46][47]
Drakeo the RulerDecember 19, 202128Los Angeles, California, U.S.Stabbing[80]
EinárOctober 21, 202119Stockholm, SwedenShooting[78]
Fat PatFebruary 3, 199827Houston, Texas, U.S.Shooting[23][24]
FeisJanuary 1, 201932Rotterdam, NetherlandsShooting[69]
FlabbaMarch 9, 201537Alexandra, South AfricaStabbing[60]
Freaky TahMarch 28, 199927New York City, U.S.Shooting[28]
Half a MillOctober 24, 200330New York City, U.S.Shooting[35]
HoudiniMay 26, 202021Toronto, Ontario, CanadaShooting[73]
HueyJune 25, 202031Kinloch, Missouri, U.S.Shooting[74]
Jam Master JayOctober 30, 200237New York City, U.S.Shooting[31]
JayDaYounganJuly 27, 202224Bogalusa, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[86]
Jimmy WopoJune 18, 201821Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.Shooting[65][66]
Kevin FretJanuary 10, 201924San Juan, Puerto RicoShooting[70]
King VonNovember 6, 202026Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.Shooting[75]
LeleJuly 1, 201023Trujillo Alto, Puerto RicoShooting[48]
Lil PhatJune 7, 201219Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.Shooting[53]
Lil SnupeJune 20, 201318Winnfield, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[55]
Mac DreNovember 1, 200434Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.Shooting[38]
Magnolia ShortyDecember 20, 201028New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[49]
MC DalesteJuly 7, 201320Paulínia, BrazilShooting[54]
MO3November 11, 202028Dallas, Texas, U.S.Shooting[76][77]
Nipsey HussleMarch 31, 201933Los Angeles, California, U.S.Shooting[71]
Pacho El AntifekaJune 1, 202342Bayamón, Puerto RicoShooting[90]
Paul CJuly 17, 198924New York City, U.S.Shooting[8]
Pavlos FyssasSeptember 18, 201334Keratsini, GreeceStabbing[56]
PnB RockSeptember 12, 202230Los Angeles, California, U.S.Shooting[87]
Pop SmokeFebruary 19, 202020Los Angeles, California, U.S.Shooting during home invasion[72]
ProofApril 11, 200632Detroit, Michigan, U.S.Shooting[40][41][42]
SabotageJanuary 24, 200329São Paulo, BrazilShooting[32][33]
Scott La RockAugust 27, 198725New York City, U.S.Shooting[7]
SeagramJuly 31, 199626Oakland, California, U.S.Shooting[14][15]
Sidhu Moose WalaMay 29, 202228Mansa, Punjab, IndiaShooting[83]
Smoke DawgJune 30, 201821Toronto, Ontario, CanadaShooting[67]
Snootie WildFebruary 27, 202236Houston, Texas, U.S.Shooting[81]
Soulja SlimNovember 26, 200326New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[36][37]
StretchNovember 30, 199527New York City, U.S.Shooting[13]
TakeoffNovember 1, 202228Houston, Texas, U.S.Shooting[88]
The JackaFebruary 2, 201537Oakland, California, U.S.Shooting[59]
The Notorious B.I.G.March 9, 199724Los Angeles, California, U.S.Drive-by shooting[20][21][22]
TroubleJune 5, 202234Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.Shooting during home invasion[84]
Tupac ShakurSeptember 13, 199625Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.Drive-by shooting[16][17][18]
VL MikeApril 20, 200832New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[44]
XXXTentacionJune 18, 201820Deerfield Beach, Florida, U.S.Shooting[64]
Yaki KadafiNovember 10, 199619Orange, New Jersey, U.S.Shooting[19]
Young DolphNovember 17, 202136Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.Shooting[79]
Young GreatnessOctober 29, 201834New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.Shooting[68]
Zayar ThawJuly 23, 202241Yangon, MyanmarCapital punishment[85]