You Say Potato, I say Potato

Last week a news article indicated that a building owned by the City of San Antonio was being utilized by Homeland security as a processing and transportation hub for wetbacks. It was characterized as a secret facility. Several city council critters expressed surprise when confronted by the reporter. Thankfully, the city manager stepped in to clarify the situation, by denying the story.

Once one parses the statement by the City Manager the denial more closely resembles a river in Egypt.

However, City Manager Erik Walsh says council members were, in fact, aware the city had been using the “Airport Transit Center” to temporarily hold migrants ahead of their scheduled flights out of the airport.

San Antonio City Manager Eric Walsh

Don’t take my word for it here is a definition of the term shelter.




  1. a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.
Oxford Dictionary

Where have I heard such a distinction without a difference? I know, I know! Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald did it so much better. Or there is always Groucho Marx.